Our hunting property resides in Montmorency County --located in the northeastern portion of Michigan’s lower peninsula. Glaciers shaped the area, creating a unique regional ecosystem with a varied landscape that reminds you of the old west, making it hard to believe you are hunting in the Midwest, yet adding to the allure of the challenge of the hunt. We have over 11,000 acres of forest with a variety of oak ridges, aspen, pine and jack pine, a lake and our famous Canada Creek that runs through our property. This unique blend of picturesque forestry offers our members a wide array of hunting for whitetail deer, elk, bear, coyote, grouse, ducks, woodcock, turkey, and a variety of small game including fox, squirrel, rabbit, and woodchuck.

With decades of ongoing efforts to monitor forage pressure from deer and elk; together with professional evaluations of our habitat’s long-term sustainability; our unique combination of efforts ensures the protection of our habitat as it is a top priority for our club. Professional assessments of the overall habitat quality of our hunting property, ongoing forest regeneration and rejuvenation, plus the downed tree tops each winter to divert feeding from new regeneration sites provides increasingly dispersed healthy forage and browse. Our planted gas well sites, fields, managed wild grasslands and random small clover patches all aid in the increasing food, diversion, and distribution for our hunting property’s habitat.

Canada Creek Ranch offers a Liberty Hunt (Youth and 100% Disabled Veteran) to ensure all hunting enthusiasts have the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. To provide a better quality harvest, we have a “3 point Rule” that applies to bucks taken on the Ranch (Minimum 3 points on one beam; points minimum of one inch long) to promote larger antlered harvested bucks – giving members a better chance at a wall-hanger, and ensuring our herd is kept healthy and strong for generations to come.  With archery, crossbow, gun and muzzleloader seasons available to our members, you are sure to have ample opportunity to experience quality time in the woods while chasing the thrill.

We are an open book here at Canada Creek Ranch, providing yearly deer season overviews and harvest data to our members to stay informed with our efforts, progress and results. All our information and data sheets are available in the members section of our website.

Atlanta is known as the “Elk Capital” of Michigan. Celebrated each year with the annual Elk Fest in September, Canada Creek Ranch offers optimum habitat that attracts large numbers of elk each year.  This allows for a fantastic viewing experience but also an opportunity to harvest an elk if you are successful in the Michigan Elk Drawing.  

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