Canada Creek Ranch is rich in history and traditions. From the humble beginnings of our beloved Canada Creek Ranch to present day, the traditions that our ranch were built upon are still practiced, cherished and enjoyed by members today. From our early beginnings and throughout our history, our hunting and fishing heritage has always been a proud part of who we are both as a private club and as members. As in our early days, we have always embraced family and good friends, which as you will see from reading about our history, the time spent together as family and friends has produced its own traditions of recreation we still practice today. From our holiday gatherings and hearty meals to our jamborees and nurturing of the land, the tradition of fellowship and celebration has been a part of our culture from the very beginning.


From our early beginnings to present day, CCR has had a long standing tradition of hunting. Deer hunting has always been A proud part of our heritage. Members have gathered for years to take to the woods in search of the elusive white tail. Many memories have been created and shared over the years... memories of successful hunts; stories of the "one that got away" ; and memories of friendships built and shared over the years have taken place here at the Ranch. Generations of members families have spent some of their most memorable times here, hunting our lands, sharing our hunting heritage with family and friends, standing around the buck pole sharing their stories... with each story adding to the cherished memories to savor and sparking conversations of many more memories to come.


CCR  is blessed with five lakes and two streams... there is a reason for that; and the reason is simple:  We have a long standing tradition of fishing that is generations strong. Fishing has always been a tradition here at the Ranch, as our founding members took part in trying their hand at the fly fishing for the ultimate Trout, or casting for the monster Bass or buckets of Bluegills... fishing is enjoyed by members and family of all ages. From the very young to the very experienced... fishing is and has always been at the heart of our club.

We take care in protecting our lakes and fish to preserve and enhance the fishing experience here at the Ranch. From protecting our waterways through prudent management, to the stocking of fish for all members to enjoy in one of the favorite traditions and past times, Fishing is a favored tradition at Canada Creek Ranch.


An amazing transformation takes place the moment you enter the property at Canada Creek Ranch... it's hard to explain, its more of a warm and cozy feeling inside. Anyone who has been to the Ranch knows about "The Wave". It's the long-standing tradition that has been in place since the clubs inception where members greet each other at every opportunity with a friendly wave. Whether you are walking or driving to and from at CCR, members will always "wave" as a sign of friendship and welcome... whether it's family or friends, or fellow members you haven't met just yet; we all share a bond of comradery and friendship as members to our cherished club. So, when you see someone "wave" to you, wave back... we are all friends here.


If you have read about the History of Canada Creek Ranch, you will know that our club was formed as a place for family and friends to gather to spend quality time together, enjoying the things they love about being Up North in the great outdoors.

The first Halloween party at Canada Creek Ranch was held on October 30, 1937, and eventually became the “Cabin Owners Jamboree” that included dances with live music on the back porch of the ranch house. Some of our members have early memories of playing horse shoes, shuffleboard, and bingo; with plenty of days spent card playing – Euchre, Poker, Canasta. Hiking; snow shoeing; cross-country skiing; picking apples, blueberries and huckleberries are all memories of events that run deep in our traditions here at the Ranch.
From early days of gathering to present day, we have always shared in planned events to give us reason to gather together in celebration with our fellow members. Whether it is our traditional holiday events where our members all gather at the Ranch to visit and share the long extended weekends, share the Opening Day events of our beloved hunting and fishing seasons, or the various other events planned throughout the year to gather and get together, whether at a large scale or an intimate gathering of friends; we have had a long tradition of reasons to come back to the Ranch and enjoy our times together with family and friends.