Frequently Asked Questions


What is the first year cost to become a member at CCR in 2018?

Not including the cost of the membership lot or legal work, the approximate TOTAL FIRST YEAR cost is $1,040.00 for a son, daughter, parent, sibling or grandchild of a current member OR a previous member of CCR.  Others would be approximately $2,104.00.  Annual assessments (dues) are approximately $702 (2018) which are included in the above costs.

After the first year, how much are the annual assessments (dues)?

Currently, annual assessments are $701.92 for 2018.  Based on the membership approving a dues increase in 2017, the dues will be going up at least $20.00 in 2019 and $20.00 in 2020.

Can you explain the annual assessments (dues) and how they are broken down?

$554.27 of your assessments (dues) goes to the operating portion of the club.  This includes, but is not limited to, wages, dust control, normal road maintenance, fish planting, grounds upkeep, utility payments and other club operational expenses.  $91.06 of your assessments goes to the Capital Fund to be used for major repairs and replacements of capital assets.  $49.98 goes towards CCR insurances and $6.61 goes towards CCR taxes.  Payment of your assessments provide you access to the Club’s Private Property (approximately 13,500 acres) five lakes, archery range, shogun range, rifle range, pistol range, dining area, hotel, Ranch House, fitness room, game room, meeting room, 125 site campground, three rental cabins, pavilions, beach, children playgrounds, basketball courts, golf driving range, disc golf course, wildlife viewing, Beach Bash (Fourth of July Celebration), Hunter’s Round-up (Deer Season Event), Winter Jamboree (Winter Special Event) and much, much more.

How long does it take to become a member at CCR?

This process can vary depending on who is doing the legal paperwork for you.  In regards to membership, your application will be read at two consecutive Board of Director meetings.  This means that normally it will take about eight weeks before you are approved for membership.  If the legal paperwork is completed by this time, we usually are able to complete everything within a week after approval.  If the legal work is not complete, you have 90 days after the date of approval to get all the required paperwork and fees into the CCR office per the CCR Policies and Procedures manual.  If this is not completed, you will have to reapply for membership with CCR.

Can I use the amenities of CCR as soon as I’m approved for membership?

You can only use the amenities once you are approved and own a membership lot within the club.  You would not be considered an active member until all necessary fees and legal documents are presented to the Ranch office.  You will receive a letter, a membership card and a membership certificate once you are a confirmed member.  Please note, that no membership will be transferred if there are any outstanding debts on the seller’s membership account. 

What comes first? Applying for membership or purchasing property?

We recommend applying for membership first and then arranging the purchase of a lot but not consummating the deal until approved for membership.  Per CCR By-Laws, “A Member must notify the Association of any proposed conveyance of the Member’s lot or lots or any interest therein.  The membership of a Member shall be revoked if the lot or lots he or she owns are transferred to a non-Member without qualification of the transferee as a Member of the Association. The Membership Certificate of such transferring former Member is forfeited and must be surrendered to the Association and such transferring former Member shall no longer have the rights of a member.”

Are my family members and my guests allowed at CCR?

Legally recognized spouses and children not having attained their twenty-first birthday, being unmarried and having the same residence as the member, have the same rights of an active member.  All guests are not allowed in the hunting area without a card-carrying member present.  Depending on the type of guest, they may have the same access to the amenities that members do, just at a higher fee.  All non-family guests must have a sponsoring member on the property while they are visiting.

How do my rates compare with my guests rates?

Members receive multiple discounts for many of the amenities at CCR. Hotel rooms are discount to $60 from $80 for a guest. Cabins are rented at a rate of $80 for a member and $110 for a guest. Campground rates range from $5 a night for rustic to a 50-Amp full-hookup site, which includes 50-Amp electricity, water and sewer at each site, for $12 a night or $265 a month (that's approximately $8.84/night for water, 50-Amp Electric and sewer AT THE SITE). Guests would have to pay $24 a night with no month rates for our best sites. There are additional discounts. Please see the  “Rates and Schedule” sheet at the back of the membership packet to see all the additional details.

Do I have to live at Canada Creek Ranch to be a member?

You are not required to live at CCR to be a member. Many of CCR’s members own just a membership lot and have no intentions of building or becoming a part-time or full-time resident of the club.
How many lots must I own to build a cabin or home? CCR building code allows members to build a dwelling with  minimally two adjoining lots.

May I camp on my membership lot?

We do not allow camping on membership lots. We have a 125 site campground for members and their guests. Children play tents are allowed on improved lots but can not be used for camping.

May I drive my motorcycle, ATV or golf cart on CCR property?

Rule 10.07 states that motorcycles and three-or-four wheeled all-terrain vehicles shall not be operated on Ranch property. Golf carts are allowed, however the operator must be a member 21 years of age or older. If a  Side-By-Side ATV is legally able to be driven on roads in the State of Michigan through proof of registration, CCR will issue a permanent membership sticker for the vehicle to be used on the property.  In regards to Golf Carts, the Board of Directors has established a usage criteria for carts to be utilized on the property.  This must be filled out by the member and a permenant membership sticker will be issued.

Does CCR participate in a Quality Deer Management Program?

Yes. CCR is currently a member of QDMA and has extensive guidelines and rules for our hunters. CCR spends numerous hours to improve our hunting area food plots and fields to attract larger, more quality bucks.

I heard the Canada Creek is a blue ribbon trout stream, is this correct?

Yes. We pride ourselves on our Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Recreation. We work closely with the Fish & Wildlife agencies to keep the stream at its finest. We invest endless amounts of time into the Canada Creek to keep it at it's finest.

What hunting and fishing activities does Canada Creek Ranch have to offer?

CCR has an abundance of wildlife including but not limited to: Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Black Bear, Partridge, Woodcock, Duck, Goose and our prized Elk. Our streams and five lakes have great fishing for: Bass, Bluegill, Perch, Pike and Trout. We also have many trappers that take fox, beaver, bobcat and coyote.

I have a boat with a gasoline motor, can I use it on CCR lakes?

Rule 17.01 states gas-powered motors are not allowed on any of CCR lakes,  however electric motors are allowed.

What type of shooting sports facilities does CCR maintain?

CCR has an Archery Target Range, an Archery 3-D Target Range, Rifle Range, Pistol Range, Trap Range and Skeet Range. All are available for member use during daylight hours. We do offer pullers for certain days of the week during  non-winter hours. Contact the office for times.

Who should I contact if I have a question or concern?

The Ranch office should be your first contact and be able to point you in the proper direction with your question or problem. They can be reached at (989) 785 – 4201. If the office is closed, there are emergency and urgent phone numbers that are available via the answering machine or front desk fliers.  Please Contact Us regarding any questions you may have.