CCR Gun Range

Our Shooting Range is one of the many favored amenities here at the Ranch. The Range consists of two shooting houses, each with ample room to house multiple shooters; equipped with benches and shooting aids to accommodate the a shooters needs. Members have the option of using 25 yard, 50 yard, 100 yard, 200 yard and 300 yard target distances. The shooting range is suitable for both rifle and handgun shooting, and is available to all our Members to use.

The Range is run by the Canada Creek Ranch Shooting Sports Committee, and they are dedicated to providing the organizational structure, leadership and facility management that is needed to support a practical level of quality shooting sports activities for our members. The committee recognizes the need for both individual and group shooting activities which comply with recognized national, state and local standards for the various firearm and archery disciplines pursued by CCR members. Promotion of responsible and safe handling of these tools for hunting and target is an ever present and visible priority of the committee. Goals include:
• Recognize the special value of beginner and youth involvement in the shooting sports
• Strive to satisfy even the casual interests that any member might have in the various shooting activities. A policy of inclusion at the basic shooting skill levels is a recognized value as well as the most ardent hobbyist
• Promote extensive volunteerism to maximize utilization and enjoyment of the facilities
• Define facilities requirements for administrative action by the Board, Management, and the Membership
• Manage and maintain shooting facilities for the individual members' use to pursue their shooting hobby and equipment development as well as organized activities

Safety is always top priority at CCR.

The Rifle Range is equipped with an audible and visual safety system. It consists of a four second duration signal horn and three rotating lights when activated. The switching required to activate the system is located on the back wall of the Range Houses near the door and at the gates which allow access to the down range area. All switches must be in the off position to disable the system. Prior to moving down range to replace and/or retrieve targets, this system must be activated (turn on any combination of these switches) and remain in operation until all personnel have returned through the gate(s). THE USE OF THIS SYSTEM IS NOT OPTIONAL. IT MUST BE USED AT ALL TIMES. Access to the down range area (forward of the firing line) is to be only through the gates provided. Violation of these rules will result in immediate revocation of range privileges, pending review by the Board of Directors. When the system is activated, ALL shooting MUST stop. All firearms must be unloaded, actions must be left open and firearms must be benched. All personnel that do not move down range must remain behind the red line located on the floor, until all personnel have returned from the target area. Under no circumstances are firearms to be handled during this time.