Shooting Sports

In our early beginnings, our club was formed by a group of sportsmen who shared in the love of the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and the great Up North. It only goes without saying that the Shooting Sports played a large role in the makeup of the Ranch, and we still cherish our shooting sports to this day.

Safety and accuracy go hand in hand here at CCR, and the best way to learn safety and acquire accuracy is through practice. CCR is a great place to enjoy shooting… whether it’s Archery, Shotgun, Pistol or Rifle; we have a Shooting Range to suit your needs.

Our Shooting Ranges are managed and maintained by the Shooting Sports Committee – volunteer Members who are dedicated to providing the organizational structure, leadership and facility management that is needed to support a practical level of quality shooting sports activities for our Members. They recognize the special value of beginner and youth involvement in the shooting sports and the need for both individual and group shooting activities. All our shooting ranges and activities comply with recognized national, state and local standards for the various firearm and archery disciplines pursued by our Members.

Our shooting committee strives to satisfy even the casual interests that any member might have in the various shooting activities to pursue their shooting hobby and equipment development as well as have the ability to partake in our organized activities.

Canada Creek Ranch has four Shooting Ranges: The Archery Range, Trap Range, Skeet Range, and Gun Range. Our shooting Committee Members do an outstanding job running all our Shooting Ranges. The special care, training and enthusiasm are second to none. Many Members have learned their skills and techniques from these outstanding and dedicated Committee Members – all who are excellent marksman, and a thrill to watch in action.