Mission Statement

The purpose of Canada Creek Ranch Association is to preserve our hunting and fishing heritage and to provide a quality outdoor environment for those other recreational activities which are unique to its woods, waters, and wildlife; and to promote among its members an enduring fellowship working to preserve its properties, and friendly spirit for future generations. This mission is to be implemented within principles of ecologically responsible resource stewardship, sound, farsighted financial management, and respect for the dignity of fellow members. Consistent with these objectives are the following  implementation goals:


  1. Provide efficient administrative services.
  2. Provide a healthy habitat for fish and wildlife (game and non-game species for the purpose of viewing, hunting and trapping, fishing, etc..).
  3. Provide temporary rental lodging and dining facilities for the members.
  4. Provide camping facilities for the members.
  5. Make seasonal outdoor recreation opportunities available for members promoting fellowship and family participation.
  6. Maintain a secure environment for members and property.
  7. Provide timely and efficient communication of Ranch business and activities to the members.
  8. Administer the Ranch as a community which recognizes and supports the interests of visiting low usage members and well as high usage and resident members.
  9. Code of conduct should be enforced equitably, and a spirit of self- imposed personal integrity and ethics should be promoted by and expected of the members.
Adopted March 28, 1992

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