Around the Ranch in Ninety Days Geocache
(Summer 2016)

Ready to test your Geocaching skills? There have been 12 caches hidden around the Ranch for you to
find. Inside each cache are some fun stickers. If you collect all the stickers by September 3rd, there will
be prizes waiting for you at the Ranch House!

On each of the dates listed below, there will be a new cache coordinates available at the Ranch House
office. Find the cache, collect the stickers and create your own Sticker Poster that you can show us at
the end of summer. You can add some photos of yourself at the cache if you like but not mandatory. All
Sticker Boards must be turned in no later than September 3rd. It's fun for everyone and a great outdoor

Here are the important dates when caches will be released.  Click on the date to download the coordinates: