Canada Creek Ranch is home to five lakes and a blue-ribbon trout stream offering some of northern Michigan’s best fishing. Our lakes offer a variety of fish that can be caught by boat or from shore; and our blue-ribbon trout stream has been a well-known hidden treasure to fly fisherman for generations. Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or just a novice, enjoying a relaxing picturesque day on any of our lakes or streams is sure to be one for the memory books.

Our lakes are important assets to our club. Realizing the responsibility to protect our waters quality, gas-powered motors are not allowed on any of the Canada Creek Ranch lakes; however the use of electric motors, and of course paddles are allowed. Row boats, canoes, kayaks and paddle boats are welcomed on all our lakes, and we offer boat rentals for anyone who wants to enjoy departing from the docks and shorelines of any of our lakes.

Canada Creek

Michigan’s “Blue Ribbon Trout Stream” Canada Creek starts at the junction of Montague Creek in Montmorency County, and extends downstream through Presque Isle into Cheboygan County. Canada Creek flows into the renowned Black River and supports healthy brook trout populations. Although moderate in size with widths reaching 25 to 30 feet at its widest points, for the most part depths range from knee to waist deep levels, with a few deeper holes along the way that are sure to house the bigger fish. Trouble free wading on a sandy bottom is common with a slow to moderate current. 8-10” brookies are common, while the larger 12-14” brook trout do exist, they are more of a challenge to catch. Short distance fly casting is the norm on Canada Creek. Deeper water, undercut banks and wood debris are all prime locations for landing the tasty trout of your dreams.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is our crown jewel and largest of the five lakes. At 91 acres in size, reaching depths of 15’ at its deepest points; offering a beautiful sandy beach, pavilion, basketball court and baseball diamond on its eastern shore. Anglers have caught both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Bluegill and Sunfish.

Wildfowl and Horsehead Lakes

Wildfowl Lake and Horsehead lakes are both located on the northern cabin area of Canada Creek Ranch. Both lakes are approximately 21 acres in size and reach depths of 20’ deep in center. These lakes are popular for catching Bluegill, Crappie and various species of Sunfish; as well as Largemouth Bass.

Lake Virginia

Lake Virginia is the last of the cabin are lakes located on the southern cabin area of Canada Creek Ranch. It is a shallower lake with gradual depths reaching 5’ at its deepest points. Largemouth Bass, Bluegills, Sunfish and Pike are typical catches for this lake.

Little Joe Lake

Located on the northeast end of the hunting property you will find our hidden treasure Little Joe Lake. Tucked away in the wooded area of the property, it is a favorite to both anglers and wildlife alike. Little Joe is stocked each year with trout and is the favored lake that produces some of the best rainbow and brown trout catches on the property. Perch and sometimes some Bass are also found in this 12 acre lake that is surrounded by nature’s beauty all along its shoreline.